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I'm Stin^. I'd like to share some music. some me. mostly music. and some parts of life that is worth living. but i may not get to this often. Tweet & Instagram with me @stinadoreen or be my friend and ask away.


Boy Friends Club - Santa in the Sun

Last year, I posted a song “Drip Tropical" now pulled down from the internetz, but it compelled me to listen without knowing much about the English artist. They just sent me some brand new material, this video by(?) CRUMB CABIN trash-picked glitch-art that melds minds, perfect for our soon-to-be-winter-holidays. You’ll see.

Limited edition split Child Sacrifice EP with Park Place Xenia on cassette from Memory 36 Recordings

☪ ॐ ✦ ✶ ✡ ☸ ☯ ☸ ✡ ✶ ✦ ॐ ☪ 

AND HAPPY HOLIDAY(S) TO YOU!!! and you. and you. and you. etc. 

@lukeyboyclayton IS COMING HOME AFTER A YEAR IN ENGLAND. ALL IS WELL! 🎉🎊✈️🇺🇸 #finally #cominghome #reunion #ilovehim 😍

Slick, by Mac Calarco | Tumblr



Watch it. Trust me.


Some of you may remember these fine lads from “The Voice.” They are doing some really good things right about not. Check them out and give some love. 

video: Freddie Dickson - Shut Us Down


Freddie Dickson’s face is being used a projector screen for old family footage in the video for his remarkable debut single Shut Us Down, whilst he sings the song to an emotionally distant but physically close girl. Reminiscent to the production on Lana Del Rey Born To Die, Shut Us Down feels grand and intimate at the same time.


Taken from the ‘Virgin Island EP’ coming Feb 25th ‘13 on Brownswood Recordings.

This is so good right now. On repeat. 

Autre Ne Veut - “Play by Play” (best new track via Pitchfork)

'Anxiety' Album out 2/26 - I literally can't wait… 

J DevILLA Girl (Langston Bukowski vs. J Dilla vs. Only Real)

on repeat. thanks yvnyl

introducing: Joel Compass



We have been waiting to hear proper music from Joel Compass for quite some time now and are delighted to say that day has arrived. The London-singer astonishes with his debut track Back To Me - it starts off as a sparse R&B song, but as the song evolves it gets a lot more ethereal, almost experimental. With a voice as pure as that, we’re wondering why anyone needs to be brought back to him - we’d run to him rightaway.

My new thing. 

Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue Featuring Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead)

10” Single From Home- CD/LP



2012 Innovative Leisure / Timetable



Dead Prez

R.I.P. 7/7/93 - 12/24/12

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Ms Mr - ‘Dark Doo Wop’

New York pair Ms Mr drop their debut EP today. Over the past three Mondays, Candy Bar Creep Show has been previewed by ‘Bones’, ‘Hurricane’ and most recently ‘Dark Doo Wop’ - leaving one unheard track.

As the name suggests, ‘Dark Doo Wop’ is bare, almost a capella, save for some epic chimes and drum rumbles. Like the other two it comes with a remix (Chet Baker) and video (vintage wedding footage.)

More here:

Dark Doo Wop from MS MR on Vimeo.

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Jessie Ware: Wildest Moments (Star Slinger Remix) - Stream